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Concerts, Events & Shows
Backyard parties, business socials, catered events, remote wilderness festivals, and much more. CMS has supplied sound for hundreds of events from public address speakers to rock concerts. Small to mid size shows. Multiple bands and artists. Sound system for up to 1000 people (outdoor) or 2000 poeple (indoor). JBL mains and stage monitors ensure clarity for the audience and performers. 800 watt sound system. 4 250 watt floor monitors. Mics, cables, mixing boards, outboard effects. Capture your live performance to mini-disc or capture to a multi track system for a tighter, cleaner sound.

Alexis Harte Band, Arnold, Ca.
Provided a live sound system and recording for an environmental festival in the sierras.

Memorial Benefit, Santa Cruz, Ca.
Provided a live sound system and recording for 5 great Santa Cruz blues and reggae bands.

SJ Little League, San Jose, Ca.
Provided a live sound system for little league opening day ceremonies. Family announcements, team introductions and music.

AGD Live on the Beach Monterey, Ca.
AGD is a talented rock band that works with CMS on a regular basis for parties and concerts. CMS's sound system was used for the entire event.

SlugFest 2006, Santa Cruz, Ca.
Provided live sound system for 6 bands at a UCSC which included multitrack recordings of each band.


Alexis Harte Band, Oakland, Ca.
Provided sound engineering and recording for an "Evening in Jack London Square".

The Land Party, Groveland, Ca.
Provided a live sound system for the annual celebration on 240 acres in the sierras.

Greg Kihn & KRON 4 TV, San Jose, Ca.
Provided live sound for the band Cabin Fever as they appeared with radio DJ and musician Greg Kihn on a nationwide TV technology show.

Lacy J. Dalton, Soquel, Ca.
Provide live sound in the Santa Cruz area and multitrack recordings both live and in the studio.

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