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Monday October 2, 2023 6:04 PM

Multi-Track Recording & Managing Your Sessions
CMS has recorded various types of jazz, blues, pop, country and rock bands. Capturing the feel in any room requires manipulating wave relationships for clarity and trueness. Proper placement and separation defeats the thinness and what is left is a solid spread of the frequency spectrum specific for that room. We can capture your sound here at CMS. With a large room, and 4 separate isolation rooms available, we can accommodate most size bands. Recording, mixing, mastering, graphics, and CD / DVD duplication can all be generated from scratch here at CMS.

Here's a checklist that bands can use when preparing for a studio project. Of course, there is more you need to look out for, but we feel these are the basics that must be addressed before stepping in the studio. Follow these guidelines to complete your project on time and on budget.

Studio time can be costly. Verify that you can complete your songs within your budget. Account for editing, mixing, and mastering time.

Get In The Groove
Being well rehearsed and prepared can save your band time and keep costs down.

Plan Your Recording Time
Making a schedule for recording, overdubbing, editing, mixing, and mastering can keep your band organized while completing the project by your projected completion date.

Mastering Go
Mastering is a tricky beast and can take hours of listening on different systems in an attempt to even out the sound. While limiting and compression are standard, improper use of them can lead to ill sounding masters. Realize there will be time at the end for this process.


Artwork Go
Bands contain artists. It's inherent. But if someone in your band cannot create graphics for your project, it is vital that you find someone to create and complete all the graphics before mastering. Quite often, bands are left with music and no art work, thus leaving them hanging until completion. Make sure your artwork is ready prior to mastering and also verify you have the proper formats to send off the to duplicators and printers.

Duplication Go
Like artwork, find your duplicators as quickly as possible. Usually, duplicators get backed up with work and your project can suffer for it. Before mass duplication, verify that the duplicators you choose can deliver correctly formatted media and that the colors they printed are to your liking.

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